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Give your team or organization the superpowers to work through any situation with the skills and savvy to become Communications Ninjas

We have to start with the fundamentals of learning who we're working with. 


Ninja Communication...

Demystify Genders, Generations, Identities

There are cultural, gender-related, and generational markers and traits within us that can appear in opposition. Still, this appearance can be a strength toward a common goal. Using well-intended humor, Sulonda will interpret and translate how you and your team think and communicate with one another. 


Through real-life case studies & role play, she teaches the best ways for diverse group members to collaborate and cooperate to complete projects and practice understanding, appreciation, and respect for how someone else thinks and behaves.

Leave this talk knowing what to say and do to manage and minimize unproductive conflict to strengthen partnerships. You and your team will rewire your mindsets to make deeper connections with others and create more happiness. They will also better understand their team members, practice creating a harmonious work environment, and improve communication.

Ninja Life Skills

Calm the Chaos: Tips for Reducing Stress and Finding Joy 

They say some stress is good. It depends on how you look at it. Career, family, social life – is there room for balance? Does balance even exist? 


Life sucks! Work-life is demanding. You're just not feeling it anymore. You're unhappy at the company, and trying to align with its values and work structure gives you headaches. Regarding your personal life - Things aren't happening fast enough or how you want them to. You can count on one hand and maybe a couple more fingers on the other hand, more disappointments than successes. 


With almost 30 years as a skilled Human Behaviorist and Communications Consultant, Sulonda strategically guides audiences to embrace resilience, strength, and a strong sense of self. She has a way of showing people how to shine through tough situations. She has the warmth and well-timed humor to shift any heavy emotion or situation to a lighter feel. She believes life can be more joyous and free-flowing by managing the mind.

The BIG takeaways from this keynote are learning how to bust through self-sabotaging thoughts and lingering doubts to discover what makes you happy now and create a plan to follow through. Identify your human design archetype through case studies and assessment to transform fears into an All-Ready-Done Mentality for higher returns on your life's experiences. Also, learn her 3-step process, "ORA," to stop debilitating thoughts and actions that repetitively play in your mind. Lastly, understand why people do what they do so you can position yourself not to feel at fault or like an imposture by taking blame for someone else's problems.

Ninja Relationships

Realistic Relationships Revolutionized

Question: Why are relationships so complicated? 

Answer: They aren't; misinformed people are. 


For almost 30 years, Sulonda has watched and studied human behavior. Knowing why people act the way they do and communicating for comprehension is vital for successful marriages and partnerships. 


You really can get Power Couple status with some tweaks here and there. Sulonda connects the dots with funny anecdotes and case studies describing how men and women are different yet complementary to one another. This presentation is mixed with ingredients of entertainment, psychology, and a deep understanding of how people think. This keynote is tailored for organizations with audiences of only men, only women, or mixed with both.

Walk away with a skillset to decode how men and women think and truly understand what makes them say and act the way they do. Also, I learned conversation strategies and scripts for conflict, collaboration, and connection through my 7-step process: ARORCA - Assessing, Reflecting, Observing, Alternating, Choosing, and Actioning. Lastly, discover effective little-known ancient worldwide techniques that you can use to build strong, successful, and sexy marriages and partnerships.

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